The Lost Art Of Saving On Your Motoring Costs for Gas, Insurance and Maintenance

Owning and operating a motor vehicle might be necessary but it isn’t cheap. Drivers need to pay for gas, maintenance, repairs and insurance in order to protect their investment. There are several ways to save money on driving expenses and master The Lost Art Of Saving On Your Motoring Costs.


Driving at a steady rate of speed uses less gas than stopping and going in city traffic. In order to save money, drivers should use the highway as much as possible. While they’re on the highway, they shouldn’t drive too fast. Ideally, a driver should cruise at about 50 miles per hour. Driving faster uses a lot more gas. Running the air conditioner uses a lot of gas. To save money, drivers should open the windows while driving in the city and use the air conditioning on a moderate temperature on the highway.


The easiest way to save money on insurance is to compare quotes. People who stay with the same insurance company for years without asking for a review of their premium typically pay more than those who proactively contact other insurers every year. Another way to save on insurance is to review the coverage and don’t pay for unnecessary options. For example, a driver who owns three cars might not need rental car coverage. Car insurance companies often offer discounts but drivers may have to ask to receive them. Low-mileage, safe driving and age-related discounts may help lower the rate significantly.


Cars need certain preventive maintenance in order to avoid more expensive repairs. New cars today don’t need oil changes every 3,000 miles but national oil change companies will still put a date three months away on the window sticker. Drivers should read the manual and determine how often they need to change their oil. When they do need it, there’s a good chance there’s a coupon available online that can help them save.

Although car owners have to invest in their vehicles, they don’t have to overpay for things like gas, insurance or oil changes unless they really want to. Spending less on these things will give a driver more money to invest in things that are really important to them.

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