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Why You Need A Criminal Defense Attorney

The decision whether to work with a criminal defense attorney on a case is rather hard for most people. For you to instantly increase your chances of winning the trial the help of an experienced defense attorney is invaluable. A good attorney will start by ensuring that your rights haven’t been infringed throughout the duration of the investigation. The lawyer will go through all your charges and will argue out your case against those accusing you at your trial.

While under investigations

The realization of the need for an attorney gets more real once a court warrant has been issued against you. Many times, the law enforcement agencies will conduct an investigation without informing you and end up concluding it their own way. The officers will often be in contact with you but won’t disclose the fact that you are being investigated until they are done with the investigations. Once you get contacted by law enforcement officers ensure you acquire the services of a defense lawyer.

Right before being charged

Before you are charged, police officers might try to obtain a confession from you. Officers will ask question to gather more investigation to build up their case, without an attorney you might incriminate yourself. You have the right to remain silent and not to aide the officers in their investigations. Ensure you avoid speaking to the police unless your attorney is present. Your lawyer will ensure you don’t provide evidence against your case.

When you have been charged

You should contact a criminal defense lawyer whenever you receive a notice that charges such as misdemeanor or felony are pending against you. Criminal charges usually have severe sentences when ruled against you. A successful felony charge could lead to life imprisonment or a fine of up to $10,000. Misdemeanor charges are less serious and you may serve up to one-year imprisonment and a fine to the tune of $2500. In such cases, an attorney will seek for a not guilty verdict and in some instances the better plea deal.

Trial process

Your defense attorney will build up your case immediately he is hired. There are instances when you might be arrested and requested to stay in custody or post bail. During arrest, an officer will read to you a statement or rights. Your rights include the right to an attorney and the attorney will be always present for questioning while in custody. Your attorney will help you argue down the bail amount and try to secure an early release through a pretrial supervision agency.

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